eeeVision: will be recognized as world resource for people with disabilities, their caregivers and family.

Mission: To help people, organizations, institutions, value / leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion of the largest minority group in the US; "People with Disabilities" is an idea born out of discussions about how a diverse, multi-talented family (visionary father / proud disabled Veteran, a reality based German wife and their 24 year old bi-racial daughter having an extreme disability) made it through some tough experiences and challenges seeking resources for their Daughter, desiring to live independently in another state. The parents were hit hard with the recession of 2008, losing long term employment, dwindling their savings to survive, eventually forced to short sale their home and be homeless.

Thank God for leading President Obama to extend unemployment benefits coupled with providing food stamp assistance / Cobra relief desperately needed. Somehow he knew what they needed to survive. This reduced the out of pocket / survival expenses and the family kept moving forward with hope and profound faith. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) aka Obamacare, allowed the daughter to remain on their health plan receiving better healthcare and better cure results. She was eventually granted SSI benefits with the help of an attorney, after living years with no income other than parents, being denied by Sears /MetLife for long term disability payments because she was not disabled. Unbelievable right, but true.

Albeit was tough at times and after enduring several challenging years, “with pain comes strength.” The family thankful to God became gainfully employed, paid off all debts, reestablished credit, purchased a home, and continues to support their daughter living independently. We decided to turn these experiences into an opportunity to help others. This web site is oriented by a caring about people with disabilities true north and making a difference in the world through knowledge. “Knowledge is the prime need of the hour.”